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Al Naeem District, Jeddah 0566136542


The Service Days Discount
All games Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday 20%





The Offers:

The Service Price Before Discount Price After Discount Days
Party package:
3 football games, trampoline and mini golf/ 20 children/ a meal for each child from Burger King (chicken nugget or chicken burger)/ Free billiards and table tennis for adults/ Party time: 3 hours. Decoration is not included. The birthday child is counted with the others. Children under the age of 10 is not allowed to play Bowling. Attendance: 45 minutes before the party. If the concert is canceled, 50%  of the deposit will be returned within one week of payment
3200 SAR
(130 SAR per child)
2080 SAR
(104 SAR per child)
Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday


العب جولة بولينج بـ 25 ريال و احصل على جولة ثانية مجاناً
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