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Mustashark Medical Group

Abdullah Ash Sharbatli, Al Safa district, Jeddah 0122220000
The Discounts:
The Service Discount
Cosmetic & Dermatology Department 20%
Dental Department 30%
Medical Examinations in the Clinics 30%
Laboratory Services 15%
Radiological Services 5%
Emergency Services 5%
The Service Price Before Discount Price After Discount
Natural Childbirth 7000 SAR 5000 SAR
Caesarean Delivery 12000 SAR 8000 SAR
Medical Examination for the Residence permit (Iqama) 120 SAR 100 SAR

Municipality/ Baladiya Card

420 SAR 350 SAR
- All the discounts above are on the main departments of the center.
- discounts do not include the center's special offers.