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Comprehensive network of medical care

Prince Sultan Street, Al Zahra'a District, Jeddah 920019666

The Discounts:

The Service Discount
Examinations in outpatient clinics 20%
All cosmetic services in the outpatient clinic 20%
Outpatient services 20%
Dental services 20%
Radiology and laboratory services 20%
Dental and its services (does not include scouting 15%
Central care and admission unit 10%
surgeries 10%
Childbirths - and sleeve gastrectomy 10%


Terms and conditions:

1- Outpatient services do not include Saudi consultants' clinics.
2- Discounts do not apply to the prices of special offers or medicines.
3- concerning
Sleeve Gastrectomy‬‎ operations, the density of fat must be 45% or more as a condition for the operation.